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Mona: Learning To Love Herself In All Spaces

Mona takes us through what it was like to growing up and being called "light-skinned - a term to her that felt like an insult when coming from family and friends; her natural hair journey from adolescence to adulthood when she started fully embracing her natural hair, and her love of improvisation and rediscovering her unique voice.


Director & Producer: Jackie McGriff

Interviewee: Mona Isler

Director of Photography & Editor: Deborah Alvarez

"Fine Toothed Chrome",

Written, Performed, and Produced by Sam Barsh

Music Licensing Courtesy of Soundstripe

Stock/Archival Footage and Images Courtesy of CBS This Morning, Mona Isler, and Megan Mack

Special Thanks to Linda Moroney and Okechukwu "Chuck" Kalagbor

Filmed in Rochester, NY

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