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Being Black in America

Whenever we see Black Americans talking about Blackness, it's always something posed to individuals talking directly to the audience when this is something that Black Americans often discuss among family and in community with each other on a regular basis. 

Being Black in America shows an array of different thoughts and attitudes behind Blackness and what it means to everyone on a personal level by asking one central question, What does being Black in America mean to you? It’s a question that’s asked in so many ways on screen indirectly and never seen as a conversation amongst ourselves but directly at the camera to a general audience. This film, however, turns that on its head and makes the audience a bystander, not a participant. 


Jackie McGriff

Courtney Shouse


Jackie McGriff


Gabrielle Brannigan

Evelyn Holmes

Dr. Katrina Overby

Tiffany Porter

Taurus Savant

Kim Smith

Ann Marie St. Rose

Cocoa Rae David
Jackie McGriff

Shot on location at "Da Purp" Studio in Rochester, NY

tiffany p screenshot.jpg


The Gift of Authentic Conversation

by Jacob Schermerhorn | Rochester Beacon

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